Make hay while the sun shines

Sun shining

Quite appropriate given the current weather we are enjoying. Make hay while the sun shines is an age old proverb dating back to Tudor times, but it stands as true today as it did in the late 1500’s.

Are you ‘farming’ the most from your existing clients? Do they know fully the range of products and services that you offer and can provide them with?

Cross-selling is the most efficient way of increasing your turnover and profitability without incurring a significant ‘cost of sale’. It’s a warm contact, your existing customers know you, they trust you and they have the confidence that you can deliver on your promises. So why aren’t you talking to them about all of the services that you provide that are appropriate to their business?

If you had an account that was providing you with 4% of your turnover per annum would you be happy? If, by selling other products and services to that same client you could increase your turnover to a recurring 20% of your revenue per annum would you be happy then, or even slightly ecstatic?

Well, we’ve done that and potentially, so could you. The revenue numbers may be different but the principles are the same and the percentage increase is achievable.

While your client’s are spending money with you, why not capitalise on that and reap the rewards of your existing relationships. Contact us on 01922 494 318 and we can put a plan together to “make hay while the sun shines” with you.