Your business is unique and we will structure the Salpo CRM system to compliment your business operations providing a Customer Relationship Management system tailored to your specific business needs.
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CRM Features

Our CRM system is feature rich, but the key elements that will streamline managing your business relationships are:

Leads are where you first start to store your data before you progress them into Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities.
As you progress your Leads and develop the relationship then they become Contacts and Accounts or Organisations. Here you can develop your knowledge of a customer with both business and relevant personal details such as hobbies.
Recording all of your opportunities with each of your customers allows you to track the progress, values and status knowing that with everything logged, no opportunity will be overlooked or missed.
Using the system to record tasks and set-up reminders allows you to drive your business forward.
Logging telephone calls, emails and conversations ensures you have a permanent record for reference and future correspondence. Email integration automates part of this task for you.
Tracking your projects, including team members and key stakeholders allows you, over time, to build up a picture of key relationships within your market sectors.
Custom Names & Fields
The flexibility of the Salpo CRM system means that you don't have to accept the in-built wording. Fields can not only be renamed to suit your preferred terminology, but we can create your own Custom Fields.
Want to keep a track of your contacts hobbies, then we can create a field so that you know how many of your contacts play golf or which football team they support.
These fields can be filtered so that you can create a list of all your golfing connections in readiness for your next golf day.
Custom Objects
Custom Objects means that you are not stuck with an "out of the box" solution. We will create custom objects that suit your business, Projects, Events or Service Support Tickets.
Objects could also be a specific product that you sell. The technical details could be stored within the object so they are always available when you are compiling your offers.
Custom Connections
The Salpo CRM system is already a flexible database of not only one-to-one connections, but one-to-many. This is further enhanced with the ability for us to create you Custom Connections from standard objects to your Custom Objects.
So not only can you relate people to companies, but also projects to products to contacts to opportunities, there is no limit to who and what is related to what and who.
The greater benefits to your business are realised when the CRM system is integrated into your other business applications to provide a seamless process.
Using open API to link to other systems and easily sync between multiple solutions we can streamline your key business processes.

MailChimp is a web-based email marketing solution.
It provides visually high-quality emails with customisable templates.
Tracks all email campaigns with full reporting.
With MailChimp CRM integration you can sync contacts, build targeted lists using CRM data and track response data within the CRM itself.
Zapier is a middleware application that allows you to trigger data from one application with another to automate your workflows. Zapier allows over 700 third party applications to be integrated with your CRM.
By setting up triggers and actions (Zaps) you can create the workflows you need, making your operations efficient and, most importantly, saving you time.
Xero is cloud based accounting software used by businesses manage their business finances.
The Salpo integration has been developed in partnership with Xero to provide a comprehensive integration between the two systems.
Raise invoices from within Salpo and keep track of revenues and paid/unpaid invoices.
Companies House
Companies House provides a register of all the limited companies with the UK.
They make available to the public all of the information that Limited Companies are required to provide, such as accounts, Directors etc.
This integration allows you to search the Companies House database and store the relevant information into custom fields within your organisations objects.
GDPR Compliance

Our CRM system comes with a built-in solution to assist you in complying with the GDPR Regulations that came in to force in May 2018.

The Salpo CRM manual features allow you to manually track and set consent against any field identified as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). You can also create privacy statements and link these to contacts.
The automated GDPR Compliance Assistance Tool (CAT) allows contacts to view any PII your company holds on them and amend consents via an online portal. Instead of manually managing consents, use GDPR CAT to bulk email contacts to obtain consents.
Save time and money with the Compliance Assistance Tool which automates the compliance process, allows bulk emails to assist in gaining permissions and will help your team understand what does and doesn't fall under GDPR.
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