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Here at Saligent we offer a full suite of business development and sales related services to support you in delivering the growth in your business.
We will take you through the planning and strategy phase, lead generation and when the opportunities arise we will support you with Expression of Interest (EOI), Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ) and Invitation to Tender (ITT) responses. If your tender conversion rate is low, we will work with your bid team and assist them with tender management and writing winning bids.
Your profile is key to attracting new business and reminding your existing customers where you are and what you do. We can support you in raising your profile through various means whether it is online marketing, attending industry events or event management there are many ways that we can put you in front of your target audience.
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Planning & Strategy
This is where we begin your new journey together. We will review your existing business successes with you, identify your top existing customers and then we will develop and plan your business growth strategy. We will build a plan around replicating your previous successes, identifying the market sectors in which you and your customers have delivered the greatest returns.
Lead Generation
Having developed your business growth strategy, it is now we put it into action. Through our existing network of contacts, attending events and research we will develop a portfolio of prospects and new customers for your business. On your behalf, we will identify the key decision makers within each of the targeted companies and arrange B2B meetings and put you in front of your potential new customers.
If you’re not comfortable with presenting, then don’t start to panic. Turn off the cold sweats and let us produce a simple presentation to highlight your business and until you are comfortable, we will present for you, with you on hand to answer those pertinent questions about the great service that you provide.
Great, we’ve overcome the first hurdle, we’ve had the meetings, we’ve demonstrated your capabilities to your new customer and they are sending us the opportunities.
As you know, on larger projects these generally come in three stages, Expressions of Interest (EOI), Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and Invitation To Tender (ITT). We can support you through the whole process and complete the documentation on your behalf. No need for you to worry about the time commitment or, “are we answering this question properly”, we have the experience to achieve the scores you require to be successful at each stage.
Tender Management
With the new opportunities coming through the door, well typically via your email inbox, this is the time we engage with your estimating team. Overviewing the tender process, we will ensure that all of the client’s requirements are captured within your tender estimate.
We will assist you in putting together a tender programme with key dates for supplier and subcontractor returns, client technical queries/responses, basically we will manage you through the process to ensure that a compliant bid is submitted on time.
Bid Writing
As part of the tender management process it is important that your tender submission, bid, is written and presented in a professional format. No matter what the size of your company, we’re here to make you look like the professional’s that you are.
Your bid document needs to be presented and written in a format that makes it easy for the buyer to find the information they are looking for and that responses not only convey your experience and technical offer, but also answer the questions posed within the tender documents. Here at Saligent we can provide this complete service for you.
We all know that people buy from people and that is where we make your life easier. With over 20 years successful sales and negotiating experience we will support you through the whole sales process.
From identifying the initial lead, to setting up the first B2B meeting with your prospective customer, through tendering and negotiating to closing the sale.
Profile Raising
There’s no point being good at what you do and having a great service to offer if people don’t know you exist.
Through online activities, networking and attending industry relevant events, we will raise your profile and brand awareness in your chosen region and market sectors. This will work in parallel with your marketing activities, which we can assist with, whether this be online campaigns, social media, email etc or more traditional methods of advertising through trade publications and industry journals.
If you want to say thank you to your clients with a social event or educate them with a technical presentation we’ve got the experience and the contacts to deliver memorable events for all occasions.
Help to raise your profile whilst addressing your corporate social responsibility and host a fund-raising event for a charity that’s close to or relevant to your business. We can take the stress and hassle out of any occasion to ensure that you have the time to get closer to your customers.
How can we deliver sustainable sales for you, find out, get in touch.