Customer Relationship Management

“What is a CRM System?”

Customer Relationship Management is the key success to any business and every day you create useful data as you interact with your customers.

A CRM system will not only allow you to manage your customers contact details but also the interactions that you have with them.

From a phone call or an email, to a meeting or opportunity to sell them your products or services. All these generate information that once stored in a common place creates a wealth of useful knowledge and data about your clients and your business.

So, if you and your employees are still keeping notes about your communication with your customers in a notepad, scribbling reminders on Post-It’s or worse still relying on your memory to follow up that all important client request you are running the risk of missing valuable opportunities.

A CRM system will help you to manage all of this data in one place and assist in growing your business. A well-structured CRM system that is tailored to your business structure and operation can go much further than this. All of your contacts, whether they are clients, suppliers, partners or just general business contacts you have met through networking can all form a part of your CRM system.

Once your CRM system is configured to your specific requirements you can track all of your interactions that you have with your business network. Phone calls, emails, meetings, email campaigns and most importantly, leads and opportunities. You can build a database of who introduced you to who, who partners with who, identify trends in your contacts of which professional teams work together, who collaborates with who.

All this sounds great and we’re sure you can see the benefits already for your organisation and the best news of all, it needn’t cost you £1,000’s.

Work with us to create a CRM system focused around your operation, a system that sits within your current modus operandi, but will also help to drive your business forward to the next level.


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