What We Do

Saligent Business Development will work with you to develop and nurture new business leads and customers, whilst at the same time encouraging your existing key accounts to a significant level of maturity.
You can rest assured that your business and brand are safe in our hands, we will represent you in a professional and positive manner at networking events, meetings and with our existing connections.
You want to grow your business, but you’re not sure how or where to start in developing a growth strategy, we will take away that burden.
From the earliest onset of developing a business growth strategy we are here to support you. We will formulate a business development strategy and put into place measurement criteria and key performance indicators before we implement the new strategy.
We will work with you to develop your marketing strategy and ensure that it aligns with our business development activities, generating new leads from networking, referrals, our existing relationships and when required by cold-calling prospects.
It’s at this point that you will see the results of our efforts as we put you in front of your new prospective customers. We will arrange the B2B meetings and ensure that you have the sales collateral to make the right first impression.
Our services don’t stop there. We utilise our own CRM system that is configured specifically for the construction industry. Recording all communications and interactions with your prospects and customers we can successfully manage the whole sales process, ensuring we deliver sustainable sales for your business. You will be kept up to date with monthly reports highlighting, leads, prospects, opportunities and new customers.
How can we deliver sustainable sales for you, find out, get in touch.